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Sinsational Smile® Whitening in Long Beach, CA

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About Sinsational Whitening

Many individuals desire brighter teeth without the large expense and lengthy procedure time that is often associated with teeth whitening treatments. Thanks to the innovative technology of Sinsational Smile whitening, patients can now visit our office during their lunch break for a quick and easy teeth whitening session that won't break the bank. Unlike many major teeth whitening treatments today, this procedure will allow patients to return to their daily activities after a short 20-minute session. It also doesn't leave patients with extreme teeth sensitivity, like other treatments. If patients are interested in brightening their smile, call Emigh Dental Care in Long Beach, CA today to schedule an appointment. 

What To Expect

During treatment, a vitamin E swab will be taken out of a sterile Sinsational Smile whitening kit and snapped on at the tip to allow for disbursement along the lips. This process will keep the lips nice and moist during the procedure to prevent dry or chapped lips from occurring. Once the vitamin E is generously applied to the lips, a comfortable pre-filled gel silicone tray will be gently inserted in the mouth over the teeth. The gel within the tray, combined with LED lighting, will rapidly brighten the teeth. The tray will also act as a sort of mouth guard to allow the jaw to be relaxed during the entire session. After 20-minutes, patients will be free to return to their daily routine.

Treatment Aftercare

As part of the Sinsational Smile whitening treatment, patients will also receive a take-home maintenance pen to further enhance their results. However, although many patients are thrilled with their results after a single treatment, multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve their desired shade of brightness. The length of the results varies from patient to patient as well and is dependent on the foods and chemicals the teeth are exposed to on a daily basis. For example, for daily coffee drinkers, results may not last as long as someone who doesn't drink coffee. Certain medications and tobacco may also affect the longevity of the results. 

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A Brilliant Smile

If you want to improve your smile without having to undergo a lengthy treatment, call Emigh Dental Care today. Our family-owned practice is dedicated to providing you with the best care possible and can help you obtain that brilliant smile you desire. 

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