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Bruxism in Teeth Grinding in Long Beach, CA

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About Bruxism

Most individuals grind their teeth on occasion, but habitual teeth grinding can cause a great deal of damage to the teeth and a wide range of oral health issues as well. Medically known as bruxism, chronic teeth grinding can wear down, loosen, or result in fracturing of the teeth. It can also cause or increase TMD/TMJ discomfort, consequently affecting the functionality of the jaw. Bruxism can be caused by an array of physical or physiological issues but is believed to be most commonly caused by stress, anxiety, or an abnormal bite. Typically, most individuals grind their teeth during their sleep, which means they might not even be aware they are grinding their teeth. However, a constant mild headache or jaw pain is often a sign of bruxism. Thanks to the expertise of our dentists at Emigh Dental Care, we can provide a thorough dental exam and treatment options for bruxism. Call our Long Beach, CA office today to schedule an appointment. 

What To Expect

During the appointment, our dentists will examine the teeth, gums, and jaw for signs of bruxism. Symptoms often include worn teeth, chipping, gum tenderness, and jaw pain. Once the teeth have been thoroughly examined, a treatment plan will be created. Each treatment plan is dependent on the condition of the teeth and the intensity of the bruxism. The most common form of treatment is wearing a night guard to prevent any further damage from occurring. However, our team may need to repair the damage that was done to the teeth to better their overall dental health. This will also help to prevent more severe dental issues from occurring. Therefore, dental work such as bridges, crowns, implants, or complete dentures may be needed. 

Treatment Aftercare

Unfortunately, there is no exact treatment that can stop bruxism from occurring. However, a custom mouth guard will be made for patients to wear at night to prevent the upper teeth and lower teeth from contact. Although a mouth guard will not stop bruxism, it will prevent future grinding or wearing of the teeth. Since bruxism is commonly linked to stress, our dentists will also recommend lifestyle changes or activities that may lower the stress and possibly decrease bruxism. Our dentists will provide hygienic instructions on how to keep the mouth guard clean and when to return to our office for a new mouth guard. 

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Stop grinding your teeth

Teeth grinding can cause significant cosmetic alterations to your teeth, which can lead to functionality issues and dental concerns like teeth sensitivity. If you think you are in need of treatment for bruxism, call our family practice today. Our dentists can help you get back on track and obtain healthier teeth for a healthier you.

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